So What Is CypherPunk University About? Here's the Juicy Details.

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Talk with JW Weatherman for an Hour
(Put Your Nagging Cryptocurrency Fears to Rest)
((Or Any Other Fears...))

Yes, you’ll get to talk with JW personally, But that’s just the first step of Cypherpunk University. There is so much more. Come on the journey with us. You are invited to join our community.

Let me tell you about Jake’s experience getting his one-on-one coaching session from JW. Better yet, let’s hear his thoughts before I relate his story. (He had many fears put to rest.)

“JW, what a pleasure to talk with you today. You were just the salve I needed to put on my flaming anxiety about the coming years and "reset.” I do believe you have thought this through and enjoy your upbeat view on how it will unfold. Great meeting you.” —Jake, Cypherpunk University Alumnus

Jake had been hurt (pretty significantly) by a couple cryptocurrency scams, and was very affected by some of the fear-mongering that is always present in the cryptocurrency game. He lost about 20% of his Bitcoin stack because of this. But he’s good now. And he’s still in a great position. Plus, now his fears have been put to rest, so he can take it easy. Good thing he did this early. And we still are very much early in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. There is still time.

And you too can speak to JW Weatherman privately and iron out whatever anxieties you may have. You can talk to him about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, the Cypherpunk Movement, technology, business (especially startups, his specialty), Austrian Economics, what it takes to really create wealth, investing, trading, speculation, anarcho-capitalism, homeschooling your kids, programming, math—yeah, JW can talk about all those things. He’s the smartest guy I’ve personally ever met.

Now you’re ready for Cypherpunk University. Speaking with JW for an hour is just one step. In this course you will get:

  • 6 videos of straight red-pill knowledge. (Three hours of content.)

In these vids, JW will boil down his 20 years experience in the Silicon Valley startup scene plus his studies of Austrian Economics to destroy any misconceptions anyone could have on how investment really works and how wealth is actually acquired. (He’ll even get into how to make more money with your labor.) These concepts will then be applied to cryptocurrency so you’ll know exactly what you’re doing when you invest in the greatest growth sector in the world.

  • A one-hour private consultation with JW Weatherman.

Ask him anything you want. JW will be able to quickly identify any leaks in your game (a poker term: leaks are deadly in the investing game too). He’ll be able to plug any holes in your knowledge-base to give you the best odds of killing it in investing and in life.

  • An invite every two weeks to join JW live on his YouTube channel for his alumni Q&A sessions.
Maybe you missed something in your private meeting with JW. Every two weeks you’ll get the chance to ask JW more questions. You can either join him live, or you can submit your questions to him beforehand in writing.

  • Access to the Cypherpunk University forum.

Here’s a place to network, brainstorm, and just hang out with other intelligent people. JW pops in often himself and interacts with alumni. This is a great place to share your links with everyone, get questions answered, and get feedback on projects you’re working on (or just the ideas you have rolling around in your head). It’s also a great place to socialize with like-minded people. And it's where you can become a member of a powerful tribe.

  • Get your Twitter handle put on the Cypherpunk University public Twitter list.

This is a good way to get more Twitter followers and to get more likes/retweets for your tweets. Cypherpunk University is a community, and we love to support and promote each other.

An Intelligent Process

Cypherpunk University is a process that will take you through all the knowledge and wisdom JW picked up in Silicon Valley, first as a recruited talent for major companies like Google and Apple, then unto his adventures in the Silicon Valley startup scene (where he became a millionaire before the age of 30).

JW’s expertise is computer security. That’s how he made all that dough in his startups. But he is also well-versed in Austrian Economics. So his transition to Bitcoin was very natural. And as any good computer security expert would do, he decided to threat-model Bitcoin and see if he could break it. Spoiler: he couldn’t.

JW wrote both the Bitcoin Threat Model and the Human Threat Model. And he did his very best to break Bitcoin. But alas, Bitcoin is the real deal, so his attempt to break it failed. This is how JW became known in the Bitcoin space. It was the first time someone actually took the time to threat-model Bitcoin with rigor. Saifedean Ammous even cited JW’s Bitcoin Thread Model in his book, “The Bitcoin Standard” (the best book on Bitcoin out there, by the way).

JW also worked with Eric Lombrozo and Trace Mayer on Chain Split: So JW is well versed in old-school business (if Google and Apple can now be considered old school), and he’s also well versed on the newest school on the block: Bitcoin (and the revolution it has already begun to bring).

Become Part of a More Informed & Intelligent Tribe
Cypherpunk University is still very young, but JW has already interviewed three alumni on his YouTube channel. And several more have made appearances on the biweekly Q&A live streams. We’re here to create an army of informed Bitcoiners who can go out into the world and make their mark. We are a community. We support each other. We promote each other.

Both JW and I follow every alumnus on Twitter; we subscribe to their YouTube channels; and we help them out on any other projects they’re working on. Cypherpunk University is not a static course that just sits there. It’s alive. It’s an ongoing brainstorm. It’s a mastermind.

Cypherpunk University Is a Mastermind

It’s a place where great minds come together to help each other. It has become a home for those who are a step ahead of the rest. It’s a refuge from all the dumb-money, who, like crabs in a bucket, try to pull us back down to their level: mediocrity.

Cypherpunk University is for those who dare rise above their station. It’s a community of people who desire to become better than what they currently are. And we help each other do just that.

“We’re all here to take advantage of the greatest opportunity to acquire wealth in the history of mankind.”

Cryptocurrency is a tough business. Many scams and delusions are out there to steal your opportunity and your wealth. This is where the core logic of the course will help you. And your hour to speak with JW will seal the deal. JW will address whatever else is lingering in your mind and troubling you. And of course you will ALWAYS have the biweekly alumni Q&A sessions to fall back on in case you forgot to ask JW anything in your private session with him.

You will not be alone to navigate these tough seas.

JW will be there for you. As well as all the course alumni in the forum. If any nagging fear arises in your mind, you will have a place to ask your questions and find peace of mind.

So what do you say? Do you want to join the Fraternal Order of Smart Money? (We’re actually not that formal—we don’t have hats with tassels). Join Cypherpunk University now.
All you have to do is click on “Register” in the upper right. Go ahead and register and JW Weatherman will email you further instructions.

Here’s where you’re looking to click:

Do this now. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Be a person who takes action. Click “Register” now.
Join Our Tribe
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